Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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Remember these tips for an easier divorce

Anyone going through a divorce in Alabama is naturally under a lot of stress. When a divorce involves children or disputes over a shared business, the situation can become so intense that it can be easy to make some big mistakes. Here are a few things you’ll want to remember so that your divorce can proceed as smoothly as possible.

Don’t use an insecure communication method

A lot of people have workplace email accounts that they end up using for personal communication. Doing this when you’re communicating about your divorce is a big mistake. Your employer can access your work email, and your messages could be discoverable by your ex-spouse’s attorney.

Don’t trust legal threats from your ex-spouse

Divorces can get heated, and in many cases, one side will bully the other side with legal threats. Your ex may try to intimidate you by telling you things his or her lawyer said about the case. It’s a mistake to take these statements seriously, and you should consult your attorney about any concerns you have about the divorce.

Don’t talk about the case in front of the children

Children whose parents are divorcing will be hyper-alert to any new information about their situation. Even if you think your children are watching a TV show or doing their homework, they may be listening in on your phone conversation. While you’ll have to talk to them about the divorce in a delicate way, letting them hear everything can be traumatizing for them and bad for your case.

Document divorce issues for your attorney

You can help your case proceed smoothly by organizing emails, writing down incidents and printing out account statements. That way, when you go to speak to your family law attorney, you won’t have to spend time gathering information.