Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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Family Law

Does wealth affect arguments in divorce?

Over the years, popular myths surrounding divorce have formed. One of the most long-standing myths is the idea that arguments may grow more volatile if a couple has more assets. Where did this myth come from? And how much truth is there to it? Wealthiest couples fight...

Child support payment options in Alabama

If you owe child support, or you anticipate these obligations in the near future because you are ending your marriage or breaking up with your child's other parent, you need to review various topics. Aside from understanding the consequences of falling behind on child...

Will collaborative divorce work for you?

Going through a divorce is no easy task. Adding the financial and emotional burden of a court case - along with all of the time you will sink into it - can add an immense amount of additional stress. Instead, consider avoiding the courts and going for an option that...