Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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Wills & Probate

Is a living trust right for you?

An estate plan helps ensure a smooth transfer of assets to your beneficiaries after your passing. As you build your estate plan, consider how a living trust could help you meet your asset protection needs. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of a living trust can...

Estate planning facts you should know

Most people understand the importance of estate planning and writing a comprehensive will, but misconceptions lead to poor choices along the way. When you start creating your final plans, including establishing trust accounts and writing your will, you should know the...

4 reasons to update your will

By creating a will, you have taken a giant step in a positive direction. For your will to be effective, however, you need to keep it updated. Here are four reasons that you should update your Alabama will. 1. You move to another state Estate planning laws vary by...