Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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Mistakes to avoid during a child custody dispute

While a lot of the attention in divorce can go toward protecting valuable assets, the bond between a parent and child is irreplaceable and even more priceless. This is the main reason why custody disputes can get particularly fierce.

If you find yourself in a custody battle, being aware of common mistakes can help you avoid a painful misstep.

Using poor judgment on social media

You are likely one of the 80% of Americans who use social media in some form. While you may consider social media as a fun way to connect with others, your content could turn into evidence against you in court.

Even seemingly innocent posts, such as pictures of a night out with friends or political opinions, could be ammunition for questioning your judgment or ability to provide a stable home for your child. In some cases, you may decide to limit or even suspend social media use altogether during custody proceedings.

Disobeying a court order

Disobeying a court order can significantly harm your child custody case. Custody orders are there to protect the best interests of your child. Failing to follow these orders without a valid reason could make the court think that you are unwilling or unable to prioritize the child’s well-being. Do all you can to comply with the court’s direction.

Not documenting interactions

If your case is becoming contentious and you need to establish inappropriate behavior on the part of your ex, the court will expect evidence of your assertions. Keep a record of phone calls, emails and in-person conversations to demonstrate patterns of behavior and disagreement within the parenting relationship.

This documentation can also strengthen your case in court and help you refute false claims or accusations made by the other parent. Additionally, documentation serves as a reminder of important conversations or agreements, ensuring you both are accountable for fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities.

Making negative comments about your ex

Your words hold a measure of power. While negative comments about your ex can seem appropriate in the heat of the moment, they can ultimately hurt your chances in the custody case. Bad-mouthing your ex so can make you appear petty and vindictive or signal to the judge that you are not willing to cooperate with your ex on important matters concerning your child.

Ultimately, when it comes to custody battles, staying organized and maintaining a mature demeanor can go a long way in showing the judge that you are a responsible caregiver.