Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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What can you do if your spouse resists the divorce?

Some residents of Alabama who have decided to begin the divorce process will need to deal with a spouse who is not in agreement about the decision. While this itself will not prevent the divorce from going forward, it can make it more complicated and intensify emotions. However, there are ways to deal with a resisting spouse when it comes to divorce.

Planning can prevent many problems

If you anticipate your spouse will not be in agreement with your decision to end the marriage, make sure you plan as much as you can before you even bring up the subject. If your spouse is volatile and abusive and against the idea of divorce, you might need to figure out how you will protect yourself and your children from a possibly violent situation and where you will live during the process. The planning should also include:

• The clear explanation about your reasons for taking this final step
• How you plan to approach the divorce process, such as through mediation or collaborative divorce
• What kind of support system you can rely on, including family, friends, and mental health professionals

Compassion and understanding can help both you and your spouse

Divorce is a process that results in many complex emotions. For some people, the news, no matter how much the marriage had deteriorated might cause shock, fear or anger. They might need some time to process their hurt and grieve for what they have lost. Trying to be compassionate about their situation and speaking about divorce in a manner that lets them know you have exhausted every avenue available to you to work on the marriage might provide them with the time they need to process and accept the divorce.

Remember to only bring up divorce if you have already made up your mind. Then, you should also remember to be consistent about your decision even if your spouse is not in agreement.