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How can a spinal cord injury affect your overall health?

Spinal cord injuries include damage to your spinal cord or the nerves at the end of your spinal canal. According to Mayo Clinic, most SCIs result in permanent changes to your sensation, strength and bodily functions.

If you recently underwent an incident that resulted in a spinal cord injury, it may affect your overall health in various ways.

Pressure injuries

If you lose sensation, you may overlook injuries due to prolonged pressure. To avoid pressure injuries, you need to change positions regularly to prevent sores from forming. If necessary, you may have a nurse or assistant help you change positions regularly. Likewise, there may be skincare options to help prevent the development of pressure injuries.

Bladder and bowel control

After a spinal cord injury, your brain may not control your bladder the same as before. You may become a higher risk for urinary tract infections, kidney stones and bladder stones. Additionally, your intestines and stomach may perform like before, but the change occurs in regulating and controlling your bowel movements. In some cases, dietary changes, such as adding fiber can improve your control. Rehabilitation may help patients gain more control over their bladder and bowels.

Psychological impact

A spinal cord injury may change how you live and function. Losing sensation and control of parts of your body may overwhelm you. Often, patients with spinal cord injuries may develop depression and other mental health conditions due to the changing lifestyle.

After an SCI, most hospitals provide a team to help deal with spinal cord injury patients’ various complications. Many SCI patients can regain some level of independence.