Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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What are some signs of a quality executor?

As you look over your accumulated assets from over the years and think about what you want to put in your will, one question may come to mind. You may wonder who you should choose to be the executor for your estate.

Knowing what qualities are important to completing this task well can help you pick the best fit.

Willingness and sense of responsibility

According to Kiplinger, the best way to determine if someone is a good fit for being your executor is to be honest about what the job requires of them. An executor often needs to deal with taxes, legal debts and the courts.

Being open to these responsibilities and being willing to follow through on paying off any necessary debts and handling your assets and heirlooms is a good sign. This person should dedicate their time to saving your money by not wasting it on unnecessary procedures or using it for anything but the estate.

Reasonable personality

The last thing you want during this procedure is a person who increases the drama and tension between family members or beneficiaries. Many people recommend that your executor know your family and friends so that any disagreements or worries are properly addressed without creating more problems.

Some beneficiaries may not feel happy with what they got or may start arguments with other family members. It is up to the executor to fix these personal disagreements and use tough love in some circumstances. Choosing an executor does not have to be an intimidating process when you find someone who cares about your loved ones and knows how to be responsible.