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How can nesting help your children after a divorce?

The time after a divorce may lead you to question what living situation is best for your children’s mental health and daily schedule. Since they are already dealing with other changes, nesting could be a worthwhile option for how you and your ex-spouse decide to live.

Letting your children stay in the family home permanently while you and your ex-spouse take turns living in it for a few days or weeks at a time can help you all. The benefits of this arrangement can impact your children in multiple ways.

Structure and routine

According to Psychology Today, one of the most common problems children face after a divorce is having to adjust to massive changes in their lives in a short amount of time. Being able to provide a safe routine and a familiar place for your children can help them stay focused on schoolwork.

It can also allow you to stay focused on any discipline or house rules you established in past years. Not only does this help your children stay organized, but it can also help you store any necessary personal items like their clothing or toys as time goes on.

Communication and less stress

This form of living requires both parents to be equally motivated to make it work. Putting aside any petty arguments you both have and focusing on the well-being of your children can lead to better and more respectful communication.

This situation can help children feel more relaxed and stable as they continue to go to school and participate in social activities. Demonstrating that you both will put your worries or frustrations aside to cooperate while nesting is a great way to handle child care during a divorce.