Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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Will collaborative divorce work for you?

Going through a divorce is no easy task. Adding the financial and emotional burden of a court case – along with all of the time you will sink into it – can add an immense amount of additional stress.

Instead, consider avoiding the courts and going for an option that will let you solve divorce matters without the involvement of a judge.

How collaborative divorce works

As more people turn to divorce options that avoid courtrooms, Forbes highlights some of the most popular alternative methods of divorce. Collaborative law exists as one of the most common alternative options.

This method involves the use of personal representatives. Both you and your spouse will have your own, and you will hold divorce meetings with all four parties. The representatives will negotiate with each other based on your respective desires, what you want out of the divorce, and so on.

Note that before you enter this arrangement, you must both sign an agreement that you will not take the case to court. If this changes for any reason, you will have to find new representatives.

Who it benefits

This option tends to work well with couples who already have a good handle on their divorce situation. You do not need to get along well with your partner, exactly, nor is it necessary to avoid all arguments. However, if you generally know how you want to divide your assets, handle matters of custody or alimony, or other top issues with divorce, then the addition of personal representatives can help you reach an agreeable conclusion that every party can find fair.