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Does wealth affect arguments in divorce?

Over the years, popular myths surrounding divorce have formed. One of the most long-standing myths is the idea that arguments may grow more volatile if a couple has more assets.

Where did this myth come from? And how much truth is there to it?

Wealthiest couples fight less

According to Business Insider, wealth does in fact impact arguments in a divorce. However, it may not have the impacts that a person expects.

Couples with a net worth of over $5 million tend to have more amiable divorces than any other income bracket. Speculation is that this happens because couples do not feel any financial insecurity when they have this much wealth. Instead, if fighting occurs, it usually happens over less tangible things like social standing or status.

Financial insecurity leads to other arguments

On the other hand, couples with a net worth of less than $1 million – which makes up the vast majority – tend to argue quite a bit over money scarcity. If the divorce goes wrong for one of them, they could end up with their entire style of life shifted around.

Couples who average between $1 and $5 million in net worth also fight a lot. This is potentially due to the fact that they have enough money to live comfortably, but not enough to feel like they are “set for life”. This can lead to the same issues with financial insecurity coming through for them, though they may fight even harder than their counterparts in lower net worth brackets.

In short, money does impact arguments in divorce, but not equally.