Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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What should you do when debt collectors keep calling?

Persistent debt is problematic for various reasons. For one, credit agencies start hounding you with relentless abandon. It remains their job to pressure people into paying.

Simply ignoring the constant ringing does not make for a reasonable solution. The way you respond ought to be both informed and strategic.

Remember your rights

Recognize that it is not a legal responsibility to speak with anyone. Having a representative interface with creditors about the debt may be better. That will avoid letting slip information that could worsen your situation. No matter the circumstance, educate yourself about relevant legal responsibilities and protections.

Write down everything

If you choose to speak with a collector, take notes. It does not matter how you go about recording this information. Just have a document that is easy to reference when future questions arise.

You have a vested interest in saving texts and voicemails from creditors. Especially hang onto those that are abusive. Evidence of inappropriateness can be helpful in the event you elect to settle or sue.

Request an end to the calls

One way of shutting the door on debt collectors is with formal letters requesting they back off. Send your declarations by certified mail so no one can deny receiving such pleas. Of course, this decision cuts off the possibility of debt resolution negotiations. Thus, this solution may not be in your best interest.

Declaring bankruptcy remains the only surefire way of ending the frustration. Consider this option after dealing with creditors becomes a wearying proposition.