Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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What if I am afraid to sue my friend for my injury?

Getting injured while traveling with a friend or while on your friend’s property could create a complicated situation. The relationship between you and the other individual involved in the accident should not keep you from the financial compensation and resources you need to heal from your injuries.

Unfortunately, many individuals avoid seeking the help they need after an injury under these circumstances. There is a concern that filing a claim against their friend would harm the individual and ruin the friendship.

Validating the concerns

Your injuries, whether they occurred in a friend’s car or in their backyard, are valid. Any damages you suffer, regardless of severity, are worthy of compensation. The trouble lies in finding out how to get compensation and questioning how your claim will impact your friend. Your friend should care about your health and safety, but the idea of a lawsuit is terrifying and confusing.

Seeing the reality

Passengers are able to sue their driver for injuries sustained in a car accident, just as guests on a property could sue a homeowner for an injury suffered on the property. In spite of the complications, you are not actually suing your friend if you decide to seek compensation. The claim goes against the individual’s insurance, and the lawsuit deals with the insurance company and its decision to pay for damages.

Suing a friend for a personal injury will not hurt their personal finances. This may help you feel better about seeking compensation to pay for your injuries or losses related to an accident on their property or in their car.