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Overcoming Personal and Legal Challenges

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What forms does debt collector harassment take?

Dealing with debt is already a nightmare all on its own. When debt collectors get added to the mix, it is more than just a simple headache.

Debt collector harassment unfortunately happens somewhat frequently, so it is important for those in debt to know what they are up against.

Aggressive tactics

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau takes a look at behaviors and actions that constitute debt collector harassment.

The first set of tactics is full of aggression. The main point of these tactics is usually to intimidate a person into compliance through any means necessary.

For example, the debt collection agency may have one of their workers park outside of the property of the person who owes debt and simply sit there, observing their home. This creates a feeling of tension, anxiety and unease that keeps the person owing debts on edge.

Yelling, cursing and even threatening someone with bodily harm or the possibility of eviction also fall into this category. Though some are less common than others, they are all on the table for the aggressive debt collector.

Underhanded tactics

The other set of tactics uses more underhanded methods to secure the same result. This can include lying about certain key pieces of information, such as the total debt owed.

In other cases, agents at the debt collection agency may pretend to have power over the person owing debts. They may impersonate officers or attorneys to make their threats of eviction seem all the more real.

Fortunately, when a person owing debts comes across these barriers, they have options for taking legal action.